Strategic plan 2020-23

For 45 years, Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) has been working with communities across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to resolve legal problems, advocate for people’s rights, improve the legal justice system, and alleviate socio-economic disadvantage.

ECLC is committed to providing legal services that are needed by the broader community through providing a skilled multidisciplinary workforce of staff and volunteers which include advocates, community lawyers, financial counsellors, intake specialists, paralegals, social workers and program, management and policy professionals.

ECLC knows that there is greater economy and benefit to communities when support services work together so it collaborates with health, community and government services to ensure an integrated and the right response to its community members. ECLC also develops and delivers innovative projects with diverse partners to educate and empower communities so that legal problems can be prevented.

ECLC’s Board develops a strategic plan which helps ECLC to look a few years ahead by setting overall goals and a plan for achieving them.

The Strategic Plan 2020-23 has eight strategies that focus on development, organisational growth and financial and risk management:

  • Making service pathways easier to find and use
  • Evaluating services
  • A strong financial strategy
  • Fit-for-purpose facilities and technology
  • Promoting multidisciplinary and integrated practice
  • Uniting with others who advocate for justice
  • Investing in staff and volunteers
  • Investing in leadership

Download a PDF of the plan.


Page updated September 20, 2021
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