Code of conduct

ECLC has developed the following Code of Conduct to ensure and encourage the highest qualities of integrity and behaviour across the organisation. It applies to all members, volunteers, board members and staff of ECLC.

ECLC undertakes to:


  • Provide timely, accurate and easily understood information and advice.
  • Exercise care and diligence in accordance with professional standards set by relevant bodies.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Ensure that all personal information (whether of clients, volunteers or staff) is treated with respect and sensitivity and is stored safety and securely and only accessed by those authorised to do so.
  • Use information collected from clients only for the completion of the work required and with the express consent and clear instructions of the client.


  • Actively avoid using a position for personal or professional benefit.
  • Ensure that all clients receive independent referrals (with a range of options) avoiding any actual or perceived self referral.
  • Ensure a separation of professional and personal relationships .


  • Promote and implement anti-discrimination and equal opportunity principles.


  • Behave honestly and with integrity, working within all applicable laws.
  • Operate within the lawful structure, systems and policies of the Centre.
  • Seek and respond appropriately to direction from people from people in leadership and designated roles.


  • Direct all media enquiries immediately to an authorised spokesperson.

Quality and Accountability

  • Develop and maintain skills in order to fulfill the role with high competence and sensitivity, acting within our area of expertise.
  • Provide quality services in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.
  • Utilise Centre resources and facilities effectively and efficiently for best possible practice and in order to implement the Centres mission.


  • Interact respectfully, fairly, impartially and courteously without harassment and be sensitive to cultural, linguistic and other diversity.
  • Treat all members of the community equally and fairly and in a way that does not cause offence or embarrassment.
  • Conduct ourselves so that attitudes and actions positively reflect the Centres commitment to providing a free, accessible, quality service.


  • Act to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all Centre participants and clients.
Page updated July 23, 2020
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