Acknowledgment of Country

ECLC acknowledges the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Centre community lives and works and pays deep respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

ECLC also acknowledges those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including Elders, who came to live on Wurundjeri land as a result of dispossession from their homelands and in more recent times through choice.

ECLC deeply appreciates and celebrates the people, stories, traditions, culture and strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and is honoured when they work together with the Centre.

ECLC recognises that colonisation is the significant cause of disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal peoples, and that justice cannot be realised without ensuring the human rights of all Aboriginal peoples.


ECLC acknowledges Oonah Belonging Place as the basis for key elements of this statement, used with permission (2019).


ECLC is so privileged to have collaborated with Simone Thomson, Wurundjeri / Yorta-Yorta Artist in creating the Bunjil’s Wings artwork. Read more about this stunning artwork below:
“Bunjil’s Wings”

In the time of Creation, Bunjil the Wedgetail Eagle flew across Country staring down to all that he created – his rivers, his mountains, his valleys and bushland. His great wings spanned far and wide protecting his people and creation.

Just as Bunjil’s wings spreads across Country with a protective presence, Eastern Community Legal Centre imparts a shield of security to its broad reach of community symbolised by the plumage of Bunjil’s wings – the outer feathered curves.

This broad reach of people is depicted inwards by the centric yellow mounds characterising the diverse communities ECLC represents. The rivers, mountains, valleys and bushland encompassing these communities are signified by the line work that tapers inwards.

The Eastern Community Legal Centre family are represented by the inner yellow ‘U’ shapes gathered around the central Meeting Place that is ECLC, they are enfolded by Bunjil’s mighty wings.

Simone Thomson
Wurundjeri / Yorta-Yorta

Page updated April 5, 2023
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