About us

ECLC is a multidisciplinary legal service that works to prevent problems, progress fair outcomes and support the wellbeing and resilience of communities and community members in Melbourne’s East.


Human Rights | Fairness | Justice


ECLC works with communities and community members living in Boroondara, Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges.

Making the most of its abilities and the resources available, ECLC provides:
» information, advice and assistance across a range of legal and related issues
» advocacy to resolve problems at the earliest opportunity
» referrals to community agency partners
» integrated legal services, including through Health Justice Partnerships
» community development and education programs with a focus on rights, responsibilities and options
» primary prevention activities, using broad partnership approaches
» strategic advocacy to change unfair laws and improve systems and practices.


ECLC approaches its work with community members colleagues and service partners with a commitment to:


Appreciating diversity and treating all people with dignity.


Understanding the underlying causes of disadvantage and offering support without judgment.


Providing a voice for those who cannot advocate for themselves and joining voices with those addressing injustice.


Assuring confidentiality for clients and being responsive to their own assessment of safety and wellbeing.

Justice & human rights

Showing courage in encounters with injustice, promoting equitable access to legal help and working to empower communities.

Strong governance & assurance

Practising proactive and transparent leadership and striving for continuous improvement.

Resourcefulness & practicality

Finding solutions through working collaboratively and generously sharing expertise.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Encouraging new ideas, taking calculated risks to increase impact, and leading by example.

Quality & evaluation

Building evidence-based practice through a robust monitoring and evaluation culture.

Page updated February 20, 2023
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