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The Deakin Student Legal Service (DSLS) values your feedback which helps it to deliver legal services that meet student needs.

DSLS invites you to do a short survey with 10 questions which will take you about five minutes to complete.

Your response is confidential and will not affect your right to use DSLS.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, then please contact the Co-ordinator of DSLS by phoning 1300 32 52 00 (1300 ECLC 00) or by Deakin Student Legal Service query.

You can do the survey here but we encourage you to read the Explanatory Statement below in full before deciding whether or not to participate.

What is the Deakin Student Legal Service?

DSLS is a partnership between the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA), Barwon Community Legal Service (BCLS) and Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC). DSLS provides Deakin University students with free, confidential legal advice and migration advice. DSLS also advocates for students, provides legal information, resources and community legal education.

DSLS has been operating since 2012 and seeks to review the success, accessibility and value of the advice service provided by our community lawyers and migration agents.

Client Feedback

The client feedback form is designed to provide us with information about the service you received from DSLS. At this stage, we are primarily evaluating our advice appointments with the community lawyers and migration agents, but we’re also interested in your feedback on DSLS more broadly, such as at intake and accessibility of the service.

The information you give is used to help us understand whether:

  • Our service is working properly
  • Our community lawyers and migration agents are providing information and advice appropriately
  • DSLS is improving students’ well-being and ability to stay engaged in study.

The feedback form has some survey style questions.

Use and Confidentiality

We don’t need your personal details or name on the feedback form but will ask for demographic information about you. This information will be used only for the purposes of evaluating DSLS and to help us improve the services offered.

All information you provide in your feedback form will be de-identified. DSLS keeps a record of your feedback through a de-identified code.

Your de-identified feedback will be used as part of the program’s evaluation.  An evaluation report incorporating your de-identified feedback may be published externally.

Storage of data

Your confidential information will be confidentially stored by ECLC.


Should you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of the Project or the feedback process, you are welcome to contact Gergis Ayoub , Co-ordinator – DSLS, ECLC.

A copy of this document can be provided at your request.

Gergis Ayoub

Co-ordinator, Deakin Student Legal Service
Eastern Community Legal Centre

Email Gergis Ayoub

Phone: 1300 32 52 00 (1300 ECLC 00)

You can do the survey here

Page updated May 27, 2021
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