Matter of Respect Project

Matter of Respect (MoR) is a community-led collaboration with the Falam Chin and Karen communities in Melbourne East to provide information and resources that challenge gender stereotypes and support gender equality as a key strategy in the primary prevention of family violence.

Melbourne’s Falam Chin and Karen communities are diverse groups, with members having a range of reasons for migration to Australia from Myanmar/Burma. Many have a history of trauma, including persecution by government and state institutions. Eastern Community Legal Centre’s (ECLC) grassroots community connections have been important in building trust and enabling the development of these materials.

MoR has developed videos, posters and postcards on a range of issues related to gender stereotypes, gender equality and the primary prevention of family violence. MoR has also developed and delivered a number of community workshops on relevant topics.



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  • Consent, sexting and cyberbullying

ECLC has also produced other resources in the Falam Chin and Karen languages on a range of other legal topics. Please contact us for more information on Matter of Respect or ECLC’s other work with multicultural communities.

Matter of Respect is funded by the Victorian Government and supported by local community members throughout Melbourne’s East.

Page updated September 14, 2021
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