Consent, Cybercrimes and the Law

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Eastern Community Legal Centre provides education for young people living in Naarm’s/Melbourne’s East on Consent, Cybercrimes and the Law. See our flyer to find out more.

*The following information is intended to be shared as a reference resource with any young people who have participated in one of the Consent, Cybercrimes and the Law education sessions.


Sending Nudes

Non-consensual nudes

1. Eastern Community Legal Centre

  • For Free, Confidential Legal Support, visit or Call: 1300 32 52 00 or email:
  • Always free
  • You don’t need an adult
  • Lawyers can’t tell anyone what you say, unless someone is in immediate serious danger, or you ask them to
  • If something doesn’t seem right, double check with us. The team answering your call are highly trained, very understanding, and non judgemental

2. Youth Law

3. Victoria Legal Aid







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