Amplifying Community Voices in the East

Participants from Eastern Community Legal Centre’s Anti-Racism project, Amplifying Community Voices in the East are on their way to becoming anti racism ambassadors after participating in a series of capacity building workshops.

The group of 5 leaders are part of the community led project which focuses on challenging racism and sharing the voices and experiences of those most impacted by this.

The training sessions are being run by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Democracy in Colour and were tailored to the groups’ needs, providing them with knowledge on Australia’s human rights framework, advocacy techniques and using their knowledge and lived experiences to speak out against racism.

Applying learning from the training and using information from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, the leaders are in the process of developing a video to educate other community members on how to identify and report incidents of racial or religious discrimination or vilification.

The final stage of the project will see the group speaking to the media, local MPs and workplaces with the aim of sharing and elevating the voices and experiences of people who have experienced racism with a view to creating change.

Project participant Dr Chris Mallika Bhadra believes the project presents an important opportunity to raise the issue of racism for those who may not otherwise have a voice. “I want to create a platform for people who can’t speak for themselves and racism is a big issue…if I can just help amplify the voice of just one person I feel something is accomplished”

Amplifying Community Voices in the East is partnership between Eastern Community Legal Centre, the Centre for Holistic Health, IndianCare, and Communities’ Council on Ethnic Issues. The partnership is working with Democracy in Colour which is delivering bespoke training to the participants.

This grant for the project forms part of the Victorian Government’s funding package to increase cross-cultural understanding and fight racist attitudes and behaviours.

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Page updated June 28, 2022
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