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SBS Hears ECLC Adviser

May 15, 2018

Inderjit Jassal talks Elder Abuse


ECLC Cultural Advisor Inderjeet Jassal from the Matter of Trust program has spoken with SBS Punjabi Radio about the urgent need to address elder abuse, including within the Indian community in Australia.

“The most common form of abuse faced by parents of Indians living in Australia is usually financial,” he says. “It can range from stealing money from an older person’s account to forcing them to change their will.”

“Also, there is stigma and shame associated with abuse, fear of reprisal from the perpetrator, and a perceived or actual lack of options or access to services.

“As a community, we need to raise awareness on how to tackle this growing problem.

Inderkit is a key adviser to ECLC and supporter of Matter of Trust. Hear the full interview here.

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