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Safe, valued and respected across all ages

June 10, 2021

ECLC is launching a new tool for community services, groups and other organisations to better include community members of all ages and help prevent abuse.

The Preventing Abuse of Older People Framework will be launched at the Victorian Government’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Breakfast on Tuesday 15 June. It is being highlighted as an example of the excellent work being done across the state.

Our Eastern Region launch will be held online on Wednesday 30 June together with Eastern Elder Abuse Network members and other local partners. We are excited to have the Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Anthony Carbines MP, as our guest. Please RSVP here.

The Framework asks all of us to imagine what a world without ageism looks like and how we can all do more to include and respect people of all ages.

ECLC’s Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Jill Exon, said, “We are working with our partners to help create a world where everyone is safe, respected and where their contributions to our community are valued.”

Listen to Jill speaking about ageism and ECLC’s work to prevent abuse against older people in the podcast about Ending elder abuse – A primary prevention approach.

Please RSVP to attend the launch of the Preventing Abuse of Older People Framework or find out more about ECLC’s work in preventing and responding to elder abuse.

ECLC is a founding member of the Eastern Elder Abuse Network, along with over 50 health, community and other local organisations.

Did you know that 15 June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

This significant day is proclaimed by the United Nations to promote respect for older people in our community.

Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is carried out by someone they know and trust, such as a family member or friend. The abuse may be physical, social, financial, psychological or sexual and can include mistreatment and neglect.

How to get help

If you live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and you or someone you know is experiencing or at risk of elder abuse, then please call ECLC on 1300 32 52 00.

You can also find out more by calling the national help line 1800ELDERHelp (1800 353 374) or by going to Compass – the national website that connects people to services and information tackling elder abuse.

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