Page updated May 3, 2021

New MARAM training for the legal sector launched locally

May 3, 2021

ECLC has launched specialist MARAM (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management) training for family violence workers and advocates in the legal assistance sector. The first round of training has already taken place and a second round is scheduled for June. This was made possible by funding from the EMR RFVP.

The tailored training package was developed and delivered by ECLC in partnership with Family Safety Victoria and Domestic Violence Victoria/Domestic Violence Resource Centre. It is suitable for social workers, support workers and family violence advocates working within legal services.

The outcome is a comprehensive online module adapting the MARAM framework for practitioners in legal services who, while not prescribed to use MARAM, will benefit from the use of this framework in identifying, assessing and managing risk for the individuals and families they support through their work. It also addresses the specific confidentiality issues for legal services.

The first round of training was delivered in late March to 17 community service professionals from organisations like ECLC, Springvale Monash Legal Centre, Justice Connect, Youth Law and Seniors Rights Victoria. There is already a waiting list for the second round, which will take place in June after a brief review and evaluation process has taken place to ensure the training is meeting its quality and participant satisfaction targets.

Participant feedback was positive with many comments about how understanding the MARAM framework caused them to reflect on their own practice and that of their services. Others said more work was needed to create shared expectations and responsibilities of legal assistance services around family violence. The presenters received very positive feedback and participants thought the online format worked well.

ECLC’s Family Violence Manager, Marika Manioudakis, said that the legal assistance sector is playing an ever increasing role in preventing and responding to family violence and that especially through the funding provided by the RFVP, the EMR region is leading the way.

“This training shows that MARAM is a robust framework that can be successfully adapted to legal assistance services. The outcome will be improved practice and better outcomes for individuals and families who use these services. We are eager to evaluate the impact and outcomes of this training package to gain more insight into how it could be rolled out across the legal sector more broadly.”

Email ECLC to find out more about MARAM training for the legal assistance sector.

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