Page updated August 6, 2021

Marika Manioudakis to lead multidisciplinary approaches

August 6, 2021

ECLC is opening a new chapter in its collaboration and partnerships with key health, family violence and community services with the appointment of ECLC’s first Director of Family Violence Initiatives, Marika Manioudakis, who has responsibility for the growing range of ‘integrated practice‘ services.

This includes multidisciplinary teams within ECLC and health justice partnerships that combine legal assistance with family violence, elder abuse, mental health and homelessness support in a variety of community settings. Marika will also lead the development of new models that respond to complex client needs and multiple forms of disadvantage with flexible approaches.

A leading community services professional within the legal assistance sector, Marika has extensive experience in homelessness, mental health, disability, family violence and the intersections with the legal system. The ECLC team is looking forward to continuing to find new ways to give community members holistic and trauma-informed support.

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