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Launching principles for stronger integrated practice partnerships

September 19, 2021

In 2019, the Victorian Legal Services Board funded Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) to draw on our expertise in integrated practice and to bring together other leaders to develop a set of common principles for community legal centres implementing integrated practice programs.

Recently, we launched the ‘Integrated Practice – Better Practice Principles’ report, outlining the results of this project.

The collaboration identified 15 principles across 3 areas that have guided a range of successful integrated practice programs. These are divided across three areas.

The first is Program Principles, comprising essential elements of service design, governance and operational coordination between funders and partners.

The second area is Practitioner Principles, covering critical capacities for program practitioners regardless of their area of expertise.

Finally, the third area is focused on principles relating to Client-Centred Practice. These are worthy of highlighting as the strengths of integrated practice are amplified when combined with programs that are co-designed and/or informed by people’s lived experience.

At ECLC, the multidisciplinary team that we employ, as well as the partnerships we have formed with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, local councils, hospitals and other partners has allowed us to develop particular expertise in effectively responding to the legal needs of people experiencing family violence, elder abuse, mental health and homelessness.

This has given us the opportunity to identify and understand the principles that are fundamental to integrated practice programs.

The community legal sector has led the way in forging integrated practice and health justice partnerships and we offer governments new options in funding smarter and more effective approaches.

Watch our Director of Integrated Practice and Family Violence Initiatives’ presentation at the launch event below.

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