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Funding continued for knowmore

February 20, 2018

The Federal Government has announced an additional $39.7 million over three years for knowmore to continue supporting survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Since 2013, knowmore has provided legal advice and social support to more than 8,600 people engaging with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child  Sexual Abuse.

In announcing the funding, Attorney-General Christian Porter said:

“The Turnbull Government is committed to ensuring that survivors of child sexual abuse within institutions are properly supported through the redress process. While the redress scheme is non-adversarial, ensuring survivors understand their rights and legal options is important in supporting survivors to make informed decisions about their interactions with the scheme. Having developed significant expertise in assisting survivors throughout the Royal Commission process, knowmore is well placed to provide this service and to ensure continuity of service for many existing clients.”

Michael Smith, CEO of ECLC and Chair of knowmore, welcomed the announcement.

“For many survivors, it has been critical but emotionally and practically challenging to engage with a Royal Commission,” Mr Smith said. “The availability of qualified, trauma-informed legal, counselling and cultural support has been vital throughout this process. We’re glad that knowmore can continue working with surivivors across these next stages of recognising and addressing the harm done.”

Knowmore also hopes to play an ongoing role in responding to the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

“We’re pleased that the Federal Government recognises knowmore as a trusted voice and capable support service on this issue. We hope all State Governments commit to participating in the redress schemes and implementing lasting change,” Mr Smith said.

Read the Attorney-General’s media release. Read the NACLC media release. 


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