Family Law & Young People Project (FLYP)

Family Law & Young People


Welcome to the Family Law & Young People Project. This page provides information for young people impacted by the family law system in Victoria. On this page you will find a collection of brochures and short videos covering a range of topics, from understanding rights and responsibilities to accessing support services. The resources also talk about family violence.

Please note, these resources provide general information and are not legal advice.

Explore the links below to access the easy-to-read brochure and short videos.


Click here or on the image above to read the brochure or download here.


Check out any or all of ECLC’s 10 short videos covering the topics in the brochure:

Links to services mentioned in the videos:

Click here to access the Online Eastern Community Legal Centre help form.

Other places to go for more information:

Why am I seeing a family consultant? 5-8 years

Why am I going to see a Family Consultant? Information for teenagers

When Families Separate

Court Childrens Services

Divorce, Separation and Who You Live With

Independent Children’s Lawyers   and 


The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Children’s Version 


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Page updated May 9, 2024
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