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Falam Chin and Karen family law videos online

May 6, 2021

Falam Chin and Karen community leaders in Melbourne’s east are the drivers behind a series of short online videos covering family law and family violence which have just been launched.

Produced through ECLC’s Matter of Respect project, the videos with bilingual Falam Chin and Karen speaking presenters were developed to help prevent family violence in the Karen and Falam Chin communities. They also address gender inequality which is a driver of family violence.

The videos help meet the Falam Chin and Karen community’s needs and address the key barriers they face in accessing and understanding the right legal information.

Project Coordinator Capella Henderson said the Matter of Respect project, which is funded by the Victorian government, was guided by the community members and the resources were developed together.

“The communities asked us for information they can get easily and in their own language.

“It was great to be able to do this and to share these important resources with the community which so far has given us very positive feedback,” said Capella.

Videos presented in Karen by Diana Thomas:

Videos presented in Falam Chin by Mai Lal Pek Mawi:


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