Page updated April 9, 2021

ECLC supports Federation’s funding call

April 9, 2021

ECLC strongly supports the Federation of Community Legal Centre’s call for the Victorian Government to provide the long-term funding Community Legal Centres (CLCs) need to meet rising demand for services and to ensure all members of their communities can access justice.

This call includes more support for victim survivors of family violence and more investment in integrated legal services to support people with complex issues, as well as those experiencing poor mental health.

CLCs are fundamental in supporting people who are facing eviction and homelessness, family breakdown, crippling debts and fines, discrimination, exploitation at work and unfair dismissal. They work alongside specialist family violence services and play a fundamental role in supporting women and children experiencing family violence and preventing perpetrators from causing further harm.

ECLC has been a pioneer of multidisciplinary and integrated services in the legal assistance sector. It has demonstrated that collaborative services better meet clients’ intersecting legal and support needs.

ECLC’s Director Legal Services Belinda Lo said ECLC focuses on priority communities which are more likely to confront persistent barriers to getting help in Melbourne’s east, manages legal problems, and addresses the causes of the disadvantage that communities experience.

“The number of people who need our help is only increasing so CLC budgets and expectations need to match the increased demand to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community and the kind of society we want to live in,” said Belinda.

The Federation is the peak body for Victoria’s Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Legal Services.

Read the Federation’s Victorian budget submission February 2021.

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