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ECLC funded for elder abuse prevention work

November 1, 2017

ECLC has been funded by the Department of Health and Human Services to expand its vital elder abuse prevention work through the recent Elder Abuse Prevention Network funding round.

ECLC has been leading the highly successful Eastern Elder Abuse Network since 2008 (with limited resources in partnership with Seniors Rights Victoria) and the new funding directly recognises the importance and value of such networks, as recognised by the Royal Commission
into Family Violence.

Although ECLC has been granted the funding, CEO Michael Smith emphasised the crucial importance of a partnership approach.

“The many health, community, government and other agencies in the East have been working together for many years now to elder abuse in the community through the EEAN. Regrettably, the disgraceful and insidious abuse of seniors remains a major issue and the partners also
collaborate very closely in responding to those in need.” he said.

“ECLC particularly appreciates the active support of many partners in the application for this funding, emphasising the strong and multi-layered partnerships we share.”

ECLC looks forward to implementing the activities under this funding over the next year.

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