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Family Violence Forum: sharing knowledge and ideas in the East

September 19, 2017

The Migration Information Centre (MIC) held a Family Violence Forum for services in the Eastern Metropolitan Region on September 19, in partnership with the Victorian Government, Communities Council on Ethnic Issues and Eastern Community Legal Centre.

The session was jam-packed with speakers and information about exciting projects undertaken to achieve equality and respect in the local community.

Speakers covered a broad range of topics and showcased the vital work Victorian Government representatives spoke about the Royal Commission into Family Violence and the resulting increase in funding for services to address the issue. They described various areas where funding had been allocated, including for work undertaken with CaLD communities.

Other highlights included Khuang Mang speaking about gender inequity in his community and his dedicated work in combating these issues. Khuang has driven projects in partnership with MIC to raise awareness of these problems and demonstrate gender equity, which have been of
great benefit to the community.

ECLC presented on financial elder abuse in CaLD communities with a focus on its Matter of Trust project. The Centre offered tips for other services to replicate the project by working in partnership with a team of community advisers and other local services.

Finally, the MIC highlighted their work with young refugees, which focuses on gender equity and addressing the connections between inequality and use of social media, gaming and music. Randika, a youth worker, described some of the attitudes held by newly arrived young people and the work he has been doing to address problems that may arise within this.

ECLC looks forward to hosting and supporting similar events in future, where services can share knowledge, ideas and models for promoting equity and respect in the community.

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