Steps 2 Safety

Steps 2 Safety is a video explaining the Family Violence Intervention Order process in an easy to understand way.

The video is available in six languages. The videos which are in languages other than English have two video versions, one with English subtitles, and one without English subtitles, which can be used depending on the language requirements of the viewer/s. Click on the blue hyperlinks below to view the two video versions for each language.

You can download and print promotional and informational publications in English and in the five other community languages on the publications link below.


Steps 2 Safety videos in community languages:


 Chin – Hakha

 Chinese – Mandarin



English video:

Download a copy of the factsheet / brochure here

Download a copy of the business card here

Download a copy of the poster here

Download a copy of the Intervention Order Support Service Guide here

Support Services

Family Violence Support Services

Womens Domestic Violence Crisis Service

Phone: 1800 015 188 / (03) 9322 3555
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Men’s Referral Service

Phone: 1800 065 973/ (03) 9428 2899

Legal Services

Federation of Community Legal Centres

(to find your local centre)
Phone: (03) 9652 1500 or

Victoria Legal Aid

Metro: (03) 9269 0120
Country: 1800 677 402

Magistrates Court of Victoria

Victoria Police
Phone in an emergency: 000

Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime Helpline
Phone: 1800 819 817

What if the Intervention Order is “contested”?

Introduction to Intervention Order video

The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria has developed this mock hearing to inform those involved in intervention order hearings about the court process. The mock hearing is a “contested hearing”, meaning that the respondent is opposing the intervention order application.

Click here to watch the video!

What if the Intervention Order is breached?

Simple and practical advice on collecting evidence

Women’s Health West and Victoria Police collaborated to produce a short film that shows women how to collect evidence if their intervention order has been breached.

This five minute film demonstrates safe ways of gathering evidence.

Click here to watch the video!

Download the brochure here!

Steps 2 Safety is a partnership project led by Eastern Community Legal Centre.

Thank you to our project partners:


Steps 2 Safety (2010) – English

Video Production:

Hand in Hand Productions

Filming and Sound:

Suze Houghton & Adis Hondo  

Script Writer and Director:

Tracey Sawyer

Production Manager:

Donna Askew


The Creative Ones

Clearer Steps 2 Safety (2013) in Arabic, Chin – Hakha, Chinese – Mandarin, Dinka and Punjabi

Translations, voiceovers and DVD production:

SBS In Language

Clearer Steps 2 Safety (2013) was funded by a grant from Victoria Law Foundation and from Eastern Metropolitan Region Regional Family Violence Partnership (EMR RFVP).